March 17

Dawn’s Gentle Rise: Sunrise at Mallacoota’s Serene Waterscape

East Gippsland


As the first light of dawn breaks over Mallacoota, the world is painted in a quiet spectacle of subdued hues. This morning's sunrise, a gentle awakening behind a veil of grey clouds, crowns Gabo Island with a halo of soft light. The lake, still and reflective, holds the memory of stars just faded, while the sand spit stretches into the awakening ocean, a bridge between the tranquil waters and the rhythmic pulse of the sea.

The tide, retreating, leaves behind patterns in the sand—nature's own mandala. The sun, though cloaked in the morning's misty attire, insists on being seen, sending forth rays that slice through the grey to touch the world in pinks and oranges. It's a daily resurrection, but here at Mallacoota, it feels like a secret shared between the earth and those who watch with quiet hearts.

Our video captures this serene progression, tracing the light as it claims the day. Accompanying 360 images offer an immersive experience, as if standing on the very sand that bridges the lake and ocean, wrapped in the cool embrace of the morning air.

In this corner of the world, every sunrise feels like a personal blessing, a soft whisper that urges us to pause, to inhale, to belong. Welcome the day with us through our latest visual story, and may it move you as deeply as it has us.

In the hush of dawn's soft, yielding light,
Mallacoota stirs from the grip of night.
Gabo Island shrouded, a spectre in grey,
As sunrise whispers the promise of day.

The lake mirrors the shy, blushing sky,
Where the hues of dawn are content to lie.
The sand, a canvas with the tide's retreat,
Pays homage to the sun's muted heartbeat.


dawn, GaboIsland, GreyClouds, lake, Mallacoota, MorningLight, NaturePatterns, ocean, SandSpit, sunrise, Tide, Tranquility

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