December 28

Davis Creek Meets the Ocean 28 Dec 2023

East Gippsland


Spanning Bridges and Beaches:
An Aerial Voyage of Mallacoota’s Coastal Gems"

Join us as we trace the winding path of Davis Creek Beach to where it greets the ocean's expanse. Our journey, captured in a dynamic video, begins at the Betka River Bridge, sweeping past the  Betka Mouth. We glide over Top Beach's sandy stretches, each ripple of sand a testament to the wind's persistent caress.

The video takes you above the lush fairways of the Mallacoota Golf Club, a verdant oasis bordered by the wild, where the gentle thud of a well-struck drive can be heard over the whispering coastal breeze. As we move along, past the creeks of Davis and Tip emerge, their waters a stark, beautiful contrast to the ocean's vast canvas.

This visual tale is enriched by the inclusion of VR360 content, placing you in the heart of the landscape, with the ability to survey all around as if you were piloting the drone yourself. The 180-degree panoramas further capture the breadth of the scenery, from the sheltered waterways to the open sea, all under the watchful eye of a blue sky chased by wind-driven clouds.

Experience the raw beauty of Mallacoota's coast, where every turn reveals a new perspective, and every view is a moment to treasure. It's a story of nature's interconnectedness, from the river mouth to Bastion Point, a tale best shared with fellow admirers of the world's quiet splendours.


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