September 30

Coull’s VR Tour and Fish Lanterns

Art, East Gippsland


This Friday, 24th September, Coull's Inlet in Mallacoota will glow with a captivating lantern display, presented in conjunction with the Mallacoota Art Space's exhibition titled "Patterns in Nature and Upcycled Art." The lanterns, intricately crafted by local community members under the guidance of Melinda Beacham and Tracey Johnson, are a radiant testament to community spirit and creativity. Originally intended to brighten the Wild Harvest Seafood Festival, the project was reimagined due to its cancellation amid COVID restrictions. Now, it serves to enhance the ongoing art exhibition.

Make sure you catch the standout piece, an exquisitely crafted lantern in the shape of an abalone shell by Melinda Beacham, located in the laneway next to Mallacoota Art Space and Lucy's Restaurant. Inside the gallery, the exhibition promises a delightful array of artworks by Mallacoota's talented artists, reflecting the region's natural beauty and artistic flair. The exhibition and lantern display open this Friday at 5pm, with the lanterns enchanting visitors for two weeks and the art exhibition continuing until mid-November.

This gleaming event is supported by the National Bushfire Recovery Agency, symbolising a beacon of recovery and resilience.

Lanterns of Coull's Inlet

By Coull's Inlet's waters wide,
Fish lanterns glow at eventide.
Orange, white, a twinkling show,
Tusk Fish gleam, in twilight's glow -

Stars at sea, on poles they dance,
Shadows flee, in twilight's trance.
From the sun's last loving kiss,
A spectacle of watery bliss - -

Breezes mild, the spring's embrace,
Lanterns sway with gentle grace.
With the waves and gusts they play,
In springtime's trust, they dance away -

Wave and wind, a gentle choir,
Music of the world, inspire.
Nature's breath, a soft caress,
In this dance, we find our rest - -

Come and see, as night descends,
How light and water are friends.
On Coull's shore, a festive sight,
Life to art, in radiant light.


art exhibition, community event, Coull's Inlet, COVID-19 adjustments, lantern display, local artists, Mallacoota, Melinda Beacham, National Bushfire Recovery Agency, Patterns in Nature, Tracey Johnson, upcycled art

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