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Coulls Inlet and Mouth 14 May 2023



Greetings, readers! Today, I'm thrilled to share with you the splendid calm that graced Mallacoota. There's something remarkable about the alignment of perfect weather and idyllic surroundings that makes everything feel just right, and today was one of those remarkable days.

Picture a warm, calm day where the sun lazily traverses the expansive blue sky. A smattering of puffy white clouds linger low in the northwest, creating a charming celestial scene that never ceases to captivate.

Now, turn your thoughts to the lake. Today, it acted as a perfect mirror, reflecting the shoreline, the sky, and the clouds in all their vibrant detail. It's moments like these where nature crafts its own mirror-selfie, and we're fortunate to behold it.

As for the Mallacoota township, tranquility was the order of the day. The peacefulness seemed to wrap itself around the buildings, streets, and trees, creating an ambience of serenity that was simply delightful.

Not to be missed was the picturesque Coull's Inlet. Its scenic beauty was like a living painting, an array of colours and textures that would inspire any onlooker.

Then there's The Mouth, standing open today as it welcomed the incoming sea at high tide. It's a testament to the timeless rhythm between sea and land, a dance they've perfected over millennia.

In summary, today was a day where nature revealed its tranquil and artistic side, a gentle reminder of the beauty we have the privilege to witness. Here's hoping this snapshot of life in Mallacoota brings a moment of calm to your day. Until next time, stay curious and keep exploring!

Experience a breathtaking aerial journey in this 4-minute, 4K resolution video, showcasing the serene beauty of Mallacoota at a smooth 60 frames per second. Our voyage commences at the tail end of the picturesque Coull's Inlet, as we glide low over the waters, moving past the historic wharf. As we journey onward, the majestic Howe Ranges gradually appear on the horizon, adding depth and grandeur to the already stunning lake vista.

As the drone veers eastward, away from the sun, the soft haze lifts, revealing the quaint jetties dotting the shoreline of the Foreshore Holiday Park. As we ascend to a bird's-eye view of 80 meters, the captivating sight of Captain Stevenson's Point unfolds, and the vast expanse of the South Pacific Ocean greets us. From Gabo Island in the North to Bastion Point South, the azure sea stretches out as far as the eye can see.

A turn southward reveals the handful of cozy camper vans nestled on the eastern side of the park, while the estuary known as The Mouth comes into view, with the rising tide beginning its rhythmic journey into the lake. As we pivot westward, we are met with the soft glow of the afternoon sun, its warm light lending a golden haze to the clear autumn air.

Over the green expanse of Mortimer's Paddock, we journey towards the town, passing over cheerful campers, an empty oval, and a brand-new skate park bustling with energetic children. The town unfurls beneath us, revealing its charming collection of nearby accommodations and inviting swimming pools.

Our aerial tour concludes back where we started, at Coull's Inlet. We close with a full 360-degree view, immersing ourselves in the stunning panorama of this idyllic corner of the world. This tranquil journey is a visual feast, an intimate encounter with the natural beauty of Mallacoota from an unforgettable perspective.

Upon Coull's Inlet, flight takes wing,
Gliding low, past wharf's old ring,
Over the lake's stunning view,
Where Howe Ranges kiss the azure hue.

Turning east, away from sun's bold stare,
The lifting haze reveals jetties bare,
Lining the shore of the holiday park,
In Foreshore's embrace, day leaves its mark.

Upward the bird soars with grace,
Captain Stevenson's Point falls into place,
From North's Gabo Island, to South's Bastion Point,
The Pacific Ocean's breadth anoints.

Turning south, campers few and far,
Underneath, their caravans are,
The Mouth in sight, tide begins to rise,
Flowing into lake under clear skies.

Turning west, into the sun's warm caress,
Autumn afternoon's haze, the air does dress.
Over the Golf Club, the town's end near,
Bird's journey continues, showing no fear.

Over Mortimer's Paddock, towards the town's heart,
Past where the journey did start,
To land again at Coull's Inlet side,
In Mallacoota's beauty, we confide.


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