February 27

Coulls Inlet 360 Canvas Framed



  1. First, I fly my drone to the spot where I want to capture the photos. It spins on the spot, taking 25 photos while I also take a 360 photo from the ground. I need the ground photo for the clouds at the zenith of the image as the drone cannot take this area because its propellers are in the way.
  2. In post-production, I combine the images to create the 360 photo. You can view it in 360VR in my last post [Link here].
  3. Next, I create the Tiny Planet image and crop it to size for printing. In this case, I cropped it to 36x50cm.
  4. I print the image on high-quality canvas using pigment inks. I select a 3cm mirror edge for the side walls of the frame.
  5. Then, I make a stretcher frame using 3cm square pine and staple the canvas to it to mount the canvas on.
  6. I make a rustic hardwood frame from raw fence panels to surround the print.
  7. Finally, I put it all together, and as a result, I ended up with this unique 47x62cm artwork.
  8. You can see the entire process and final result in the series of photos below. I'm thrilled to showcase this artwork at my market stall this Saturday, and if you're interested in owning it, feel free to make me an offer.

High Above Coull's Inlet

High above the inlet's bend,
A morning sun doth rise.
A peaceful calm doth soon descend,
As light fills up the skies.

The water's surface smooth as glass,
Reflects the clouds above.
A scene of beauty unsurpassed,
And nature's timeless love.

The distant hillsides, shrouded gray,
A misty veil they wear.
As seabirds soar in graceful play,
Without a worry or care.

And down below, a bustling quay,
With boats that bob and sway.
A peaceful haven by the sea,
Where life just drifts away.

This morning view, so pure and bright,
Is a moment to behold.
A gift of nature's sheer delight,
That's more valuable than gold.


art creation, canvas printing, DIY framing, drone photography, market stall, post-production techniques, rustic decor, Tiny Planet photography

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