April 25

Coulls 180 Panorama 25 April 2021

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In the heart of East Gippsland lies a serene haven known as Coull's Inlet, a locale that recently served as a muse for an awe-inspiring 180-degree panorama. Captured on a tranquil evening, the scene features the sky's transition from the day's blue to twilight's pink, mirrored immaculately in the calm lake waters.

The distant ocean, its waves gentle and small, adds a unique charm to the panorama, creating a harmonious balance that's characteristic of Gippsland's natural beauty. This image isn't just a photograph; it's a testament to the tranquil charm that makes this region so special.

This panorama, like most of my photos, is available as prints from Red Bubble. For its grandeur, I am also organising larger prints over 1 metre, ideal for canvas or aluminium, in both gloss and matte finishes. It's the perfect piece for anyone who wishes to bring a slice of East Gippsland into their space.


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