January 11

Coastal Whispers: Pebbly and Secret Beaches from Above 10 Jan 2024

East Gippsland


On the 10th of January, 2024, the drone captures the essence of Mallacoota's secluded treasures, Pebbly and Secret Beaches, in a frame that's as close to a hidden paradise as one can get. The photograph illustrates a vivid juxtaposition of rugged, untouched beauty against the calm, inviting azure of the sea.

The coastline curves gracefully, a natural crescent of golden sand nestled between the embrace of weathered rocks and the dense greenery of the Australian bush. Pebbly Beach, true to its name, is adorned with a scatter of stones and rock formations that tell tales of ancient geology and the relentless passage of time. It lies undisturbed, a quiet alcove that beckons the contemplative soul.

To the right, Secret Beach offers an expanse of sand, a more open invitation to those seeking solitude away from the more frequented shores. It is a sanctuary where the whispers of the ocean can be heard in the gentle crash of waves and the call of the distant gulls.

Above, the sky is a theatre of clouds, with white wisps painted across the canvas of blue, casting soft shadows that dapple the landscape. This drone image is a testament to the hidden corners of Mallacoota, where nature's artistry is on full, glorious display.

In Mallacoota's arms, two beaches lie,
Pebbly and Secret, 'neath the open sky.
Where the forest meets the sea's soft reach,
Whispers of nature, the waves do teach.

A haven of stones, a stretch of sand,
Time's own artwork, naturally grand.
In solitude's grasp, or in playful dance,
These shores invite, at just a glance.

The drone above, the world below,
In this rare view, the true gems show.
Where Pebbly winks and Secret sings,
In Mallacoota, the heart finds wings.


Australian Beaches, coastal beauty, drone photography, hidden paradise., Mallacoota, Pebbly Beach, Secret Beach, untouched nature

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