January 13

Caves & Cliffs: Mallacoota’s Rugged Coast, Mummy Rock to Quarry Beach 10 Jan 2024

East Gippsland


In the embrace of Mallacoota's coastal arms, there lies a stretch of land untouched by time, where ancient stories are etched into stone and whispered by the waves. This blog post is a virtual expedition from the imposing Mummy Rock to the serene expanse of Quarry Beach. With a 360 image, a 180 panorama, and a captivating video, we offer a feast for the senses, a digital immersion into the heart of Australia's natural splendor.

The 360-degree image places you at the very heart of Mummy Rock, surrounded by the raw power of wind-carved cliffs and the relentless ocean. Spin around and absorb every angle: the sky reaching into infinity, the sea foaming at the base of the cliffs, and the lush greenery that clings to life at the edges of this rugged world. The panoramic image stretches across the horizon, from the heights of the rocky escarpment to the gentle curve of Quarry Beach in the distance, a contrast of might and tranquility.

Our video journey begins with the sun casting its early rays over Mummy Rock, where the cliffs stand as a bastion against the tireless sea. The drone, our eye in the sky, glides southward, tracing the contours of the coast. It reveals secret caves, hidden alcoves where shadows play with light, and the elemental carvings of time upon the land.

As we venture past the sentinel-like headlands, the crescendo of waves serves as a natural soundtrack, each break upon the shore a note in an oceanic symphony. The flight reveals Quarry Beach in its full, unspoiled glory—a sweep of golden sand backed by a chorus line of trees, a stark, beautiful contrast to the dramatic cliffs and secretive caves we've left behind.

This blog post is not just an account; it's an invitation to explore, to witness the enduring dance between land and sea. It's a reminder of the timeless beauty that lies in Mallacoota's rugged coast, from the mystery of Mummy Rock to the quietude of Quarry Beach.

Join us on this aerial journey, and let the spirit of adventure awaken within you. And when the screen dims and the images fade, remember that this coast, this testament to nature's artistry, is waiting to be discovered by you, in person, on your next visit to Mallacoota.


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