December 27

Captain Stevensons Point Christmas 27 Dec 2022

Art, East Gippsland


Mallacoota Foreshore Park: Nature's Serene Canvas

Perched from Captain Stevenson's Point, a sight unfolds that captures the essence of Australian summers. Mallacoota Foreshore Park, a gem in Victoria's crown, reveals the dance of high tide as the Pacific Ocean's mouth generously flushes the lake. This harmonious blend transforms the waters into a pristine, crystal clear canvas.

As the sun casts a gentle glow, Mallacoota stands still in time, its tranquillity a gentle whisper amidst the world's constant chatter.

Prints of this mesmerising view are available in several formats, ensuring a piece of Mallacoota's magic is always within reach.

A Mallacoota Musing

Azure meets emerald, land hugs sea,
Mallacoota's whisper, a dance so free.
Sun-kissed shores, tales untold,
Nature's canvas, beauty bold.

A 2nd Mallacoota Musing

In Mallacoota's gentle hold,
Where tales of ancient seas are told,
The sun dips low, shadows long,
Nature's dance, a timeless song.

Waves kiss shores with whispered grace,
Of distant journeys, time's embrace.
In this haven, life drifts by,
Under the vast, endless sky.


Australian Landscapes, Captain Stevensons Point, Crystal Clear Waters, Foreshore Park, Mallacoota Magic, nature's artistry, Pacific Ocean's Embrace, Summer in Australia

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