January 24

Captain Stevensons Point 24 Jan

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I had the opportunity to fly my drone over Captain Stevensons Point this morning during high tide, and I captured some truly beautiful panoramic shots of the area. The crystal clear, green water and fluffy white clouds truly make this location postcard perfect.

In addition to the stunning views from Captain Stevensons Point, I also had the chance to capture some amazing footage of Mallacoota. This small coastal town located in Victoria, Australia is known for its picturesque beaches and clear blue waters. I've included a VR 360 image and a 4k video to give you a taste of what it's like to experience Mallacoota in person. From the colourful houses perched on the hillside to the boats docked in Coull's Inlet, there's truly something for everyone to enjoy in this idyllic town. Prints on. Etsy  https://bit.ly/E90x30

Captain Stevensons Point, a sight to behold
Crystal clear waters, a story to be told
Of white puffy clouds, and a horizon wide
Nature's wonder, on display, side by side

The drone flew high, capturing the view
Of this picturesque place, for me and you
Tides came and went, but the beauty stayed
A memory forever, etched in the shade

Mallacoota, a coastal town so sweet
With colourful houses, and boats to meet
Let the VR and 4K give you a glance
Of this idyllic place, in a serene trance.


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