June 19

Broadwater Sunrise and the Awakening City



As the velvety shroud of night starts to lift, the city of Gold Coast is softly kissed by the tender embrace of dawn. The Broadwater, a stunning expanse of water at Southport, is a scene of tranquility as the sun begins its ascent. A gentle stillness pervades the air on this calm winter’s morning, and a sense of anticipation fills the heart.

The sky, like a master artist’s palette, slowly transforms from deep blues to golden hues as the sun peeks above the horizon. Reflections of ethereal light dance upon the water’s surface, painting it with an array of shimmering colors.

Southport's foreshore stirs with activity as the city begins to wake. Joggers, in sync with their breath and the rhythmic cadence of their footsteps, soak in the beauty that surrounds them. Their shadows grow shorter as the sun continues to climb, casting a warm glow upon the path that lies ahead.

On the calm waters of the Broadwater, rowing teams slice through the mirror-like surface with synchronized grace. Two rowing fours cut elegant paths, their oars dipping and rising in harmony. Close behind, their coach keeps a watchful eye, guiding them from a small outboard motorboat. The quiet is punctuated by the gentle lapping of water against the hulls and the muted commands of the coxswain.

Towards the east, SeaWorld stands proud, its myriad attractions yet to buzz with the energy of eager visitors. The sails of the Mirage Hotel catch the golden light, majestic and serene.

As the gaze turns southward, the iconic skyline of Surfers Paradise rises. The high rises, like sentinels of glass and steel, overlook the Broadwater. Their facades glint as they catch the early rays, heralding a day of possibilities.

But it is the Broadwater River that holds the gaze. Winding gracefully, it is a lifeline for the city, its waters bearing stories of the past and dreams for the future.

This morning's sunrise at Broadwater is more than just a natural spectacle; it's a moment of reflection, a reminder of the beauty that often exists in quiet moments and the promise that each day holds. For those fortunate enough to witness this embrace between the sun and the earth, it is a reminder to pause and appreciate the simple wonders that abound.

As the day fully awakens, and the hustle and bustle take over, the calm and serenity of this morning will remain etched in memory, a precious reminder of nature’s grace and the endless cycle of beginnings.

In morning's soft light, the Gold Coast stirs,
Joggers on the foreshore, the city confers.
Rowers glide past, their strokes measured and neat,
Silhouettes dance on the river, their reflections discreet.

SeaWorld and Mirage in the morning light bask,
While high-rises reach skyward, a towering task.
The city wakes up, day's promise in sight,
A new day dawns, banishing night.

The river, a mirror of the breaking day,
Reflects the beauty of Surfers' bay.
Gold Coast awakens, caught in sunrise's sweep,
While the rest of the world is still asleep.


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