December 26

Boxing Day Odyssey: A Drone’s Journey Across Harrison’s Channel

Art, East Gippsland


From Soaring Heights to Immersive Depths:
 Capturing Mallacoota's Aquatic Grandeur

As the festive spirit of Christmas lingers in the air, Boxing Day 2023 unveils a spectacle of nature's artistry at Mallacoota’s majestic waterways. Our drone embarked on a visionary quest across Harrison's Channel, the lifeblood vein that carves through the landscape, connecting the vast, tranquil lakes to the restless heart of the South Pacific Ocean.

The journey begins with the drone ascending above the mouth of the lakes at Bastion Point, where the waters converge in a serene ballet of waves and ripples. The channel lies ahead, a winding path of liquid sapphire set against the emerald embrace of the bush. As we traverse the channel, the drone's eye captures the unspoiled splendour of Mallacoota in a series of stunning photographs, the midday sun glistening off the water like a myriad of diamonds strewn across a vast, blue canvas.

The highlight of this voyage is our collection of 180-degree panoramas, each one a sweeping embrace of the Australian coastline’s rugged beauty. These panoramic wonders allow you to experience the grandeur as if standing on the prow of a ship, the horizon stretching infinitely in both directions. And for those who yearn for a more immersive experience, our 360 VR images invite you to step into another world, one where you can almost feel the gentle Boxing Day breeze and taste the salty tang of the ocean air.

We invite you to journey with us through this digital odyssey, to relive the Boxing Day adventure that only Mallacoota can offer. From the ethereal flights of our drone to the immersive depths of VR exploration, let the beauty of Harrison's Channel envelop you in its serene embrace.

Harrison’s Channel View

Along Harrison's waterway, beneath the boundless sky,
Full sun bathes the Mallacoota Lake, where dreams and seagulls fly.
The channel carves through nature’s heart, to where the ocean roars,
A passage draped in shades of blue, that every soul adores.

Here, grey rain clouds gather far, a distant, looming sight,
Contrasting with the blissful blue, a canvas of delight.
The lake reflects the heavens' dance, a mirror broad and clear,
Capturing the moment’s grace, for those who hold it near.

From inland lakes to ocean's edge, the waters gladly run,
Underneath the watchful eye, of the ever-glowing sun.


Australian Coastline, Bastion Point, Boxing Day 2023, drone photography, Harrisons Channel, Mallacoota, nature's splendour, oceanic journey., panoramic views, VR 360

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