November 8

Blood Moon

East Gippsland


Moon’s Blush: The November Eclipse over Mallacoota Lake

On the 8th of November, 2022, the residents of Mallacoota and celestial enthusiasts alike were treated to a nocturnal ballet as the second total lunar eclipse of the year graced our skies. It was a night when the moon, earth, and sun aligned to weave a cosmic tale over the tranquil waters of Mallacoota Lake.

As dusk surrendered to the dark, the anticipation in the air was palpable. Eyes skyward, hearts beating in unison with the celestial rhythm, we waited for the eclipse to begin. And it did not disappoint. In the hushed whispers of the night, the moon began its passage through the earth’s shadow, a gradual performance that unfolded with the majesty and grace of an interstellar dance.

The video captured from this night, cradled by the inky expanse above Mallacoota Lake, tells a tale of shadow and light. It begins with the moon in its full glory, bright and bold against the black. Slowly, it succumbs to a creeping darkness, the earth’s silhouette nibbling at its radiance, transforming the moon into a dimmed ember hanging above the water.

The eclipse reaches totality, and the moon blushes—a ruddy hue cast upon it by the refracted light of all the world’s sunrises and sunsets. It's a moment of shared awe; the moon, so often a silent guardian in the night, now holds court in a dramatic display of colour and shadow.

Accompanying the video are photos, each a frozen memento of the eclipse’s stages. From the first bite to the full shadow, and then the rebirth of the moon's bright face, each phase is captured in stunning detail, a testament to the wonder that envelops our small town in these extraordinary moments.

As the celestial drama progresses, it reminds us of the profound beauty that unfolds above us—a beauty that often goes unnoticed in the daily thrum of life. It's these moments that remind us of the vastness of our universe and the small, yet significant, place we occupy within it.

Mallacoota’s waters still and deep,
Under the sky where moonbeams sleep.
The shadow creeps, the colours leap,
A total eclipse, a memory to keep.

The red blush moon in soft display,
Casts a warm glow upon the bay.
In silent awe, we watch and pray,
As night performs its ballet.

Eclipse complete, a cycle done,
The cosmic dance, the sun has won.
But in our hearts, the night lives on,
Under the stars, till the break of dawn.


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