June 3

Betka’s Winter Symphony – A Musical Tribute to Nature’s Power

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We are thrilled to present our latest music video, "Betka's Winter Symphony." This upbeat folk ballad captures the awe-inspiring moment when the Betka River, swollen by heavy rains, breaks through the sandbar to meet the sapphire green ocean. With melodic and dramatic female mezzo vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar, harmonica, and light percussion, this song is a tribute to nature's untamed beauty and power.

Betka River's Majestic Journey

Nestled in the heart of Mallacoota, the Betka River meanders through lush bushland before meeting the ocean. Recently, after a series of heavy downpours, the river swelled and burst through the sandbar, creating a spectacular natural spectacle. Our music video captures this breathtaking event from a 4K drone, offering a bird's-eye view of the river's powerful surge. The drone footage reveals the stunning contrast between the emerald river and the deep blue sea, a vivid reminder of nature's grandeur.

Immersive VR360 Experience

For those seeking a more immersive experience, we’ve included VR360 images that place you right at the river’s edge. Feel the raw power of the water as it carves its path through the sandy barrier, and marvel at the pristine wilderness surrounding you. The VR360 technology allows you to explore this dynamic landscape from every angle, offering a truly unique perspective on this natural wonder.

Panoramic Views

In addition to the drone footage and VR360 images, we’ve captured a series of panoramic shots that showcase the river mouth in all its glory. These expansive views highlight the intricate details of the scene, from the frothy waves crashing against the newly formed channel to the verdant foliage framing the riverbanks. Each panorama tells its own story of the ever-changing landscape, inviting you to lose yourself in the beauty of Mallacoota.

A Poetic Tribute

In the spirit of celebrating this remarkable event, here’s a short poem inspired by the great Australian poets:

Betka’s Song


"Betka's Winter Symphony" is more than just a music video; it's an ode to the raw, unyielding power of nature. Through our 4K drone footage, VR360 images, and panoramic views, we invite you to experience the splendour of the Betka River and its dramatic journey to the sea. Let the music and visuals transport you to Mallacoota, where nature's symphony plays on, unrestrained and breathtaking.


Down by the Betka,
The skies opened wide
Heavy rains falling,
Washed away the tide
Whispering winds,
The thunder did cry
Betka River swollen,
Reached up to the sky

Mountains did tremble,
Rocks slid from their keep
Waters so wild,
Awakened from their sleep
Sandy beaches stretched,
As waves crashed in stride
Nature’s grand symphony,
In early June’s tide

Oh Betka River,
Breaking through the chain
Dancing to the ocean,
Where sapphire waters reign
Mingling with the sea,
Where white waves crash and sing
A bond unbroken,
In the heart of winter’s wing

Teatrees stood tall,
In the coastal scrub's embrace
Tannin-stained river,
Found the ocean’s face
Windy whispers told,
Of nature’s sweet grace
Marking the passage,
Of the river’s trace

Nature's mighty beauty,
In the storm’s refrain
Could hear the river’s laughter,
Amidst the falling rain
The sun peeked through,
After the storm’s gain
A world reborn,
No longer the same

Oh Betka River,
Breaking through the chain
Dancing to the ocean,
Where sapphire waters reign
Mingling with the sea,
Where white waves crash and sing
A bond unbroken,
In the heart of winter’s wing

From the sandy shores,
To the teal blue sea
Betka's wild embrace,
Sets the spirit free
Nature's dance continues,
In this winter scene
A timeless story,
In shades of green


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