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Exploring the Beauty of South Betka Beach from Above and Within

I recently visited South Betka Beach once again, this time armed with a drone and a 360 camera, and the results were spectacular. The drone photography allowed me to capture stunning aerial views of the beach, while the 360 camera enabled me to capture immersive views from the ground.

As I flew the drone over the beach, I was struck by the sheer size and beauty of the area. The drone captured the vast expanse of the beach, the clear water, and the rocky terrain. The footage gave me a unique perspective of the beach, highlighting the stunning beauty of the area from above.

Using my 360 camera, I also took several 360 videos and panoramas from different angles. The 360 camera allowed me to capture the natural beauty of the beach from within, with its crystal-clear water and the gentle motion of the waves. The VR videos allowed me to immerse myself in the surroundings and explore the beach as if I were actually there.

I am delighted to present to you the stunning drone footage and 360 videos and panoramas I captured during my visit to South Betka Beach. The drone footage captures the vastness of the beach and the natural beauty of the area from above. The 360 videos and panoramas offer immersive views of the beach, allowing you to explore the area from within.

The natural beauty of South Betka Beach is awe-inspiring, and the use of the drone and 360 camera allowed me to capture it in a way that was both unique and immersive. I hope these videos and images inspire you to explore this stunning beach and all that it has to offer.

I will make some prints from these this week, for the Easter Markets.

Today at South Betka Beach,
The waves danced to a rhythmic beat,
Crystal-clear water in motion,
A natural symphony complete.

The gentle motion of the waves,
A soothing melody for the soul,
A hypnotic rhythm that sways,
And moves us towards our goal.

The water, a canvas of colors,
Hues of blue and green in harmony,
A sight to behold, it truly is,
A moment in time, pure and free.

With each crest and trough,
The waves create a visual delight,
A moving work of art,
That fills our hearts with pure delight.

Today at South Betka Beach,
The waves were the stars of the show,
Their motion and fluidity,
A thing of beauty, a wonder to behold.


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