August 28

Betka River Mouth Unleashed

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The Meeting of Elements Captured in Panorama and Drone Footage
Witness the Astonishing Transformation as Betka River Breaks Free

On the 28th of August, 2023, a riveting natural event unfolded at the Betka River Mouth. The long-standing sandbar was finally breached, unleashing the pent-up waters into the turquoise embrace of the sea. For those who adore the intricate dance of nature and its ever-changing beauty, this is a spectacle worth diving into. We've captured this awe-inspiring moment through a series of 360-degree images, panoramas, and even a drone video.

The Calm Before the Storm

As we approached the river mouth, the first thing that caught our eyes was the sheer tranquility of the scene. The sky was a patchwork of diverse clouds heralding rain, but the wind was almost nonexistent. This calmness was perfectly mirrored in the river’s surface, so still it looked like a flawless sheet of glass.

The Silver Stream

Amidst this serenity, a silver stream broke free—initiating the long-awaited tidal opening. This seemingly small leak would soon grow into a powerful force, dramatically altering the river’s geography. A river's exit to the sea might seem a minute detail in the grand scheme of nature, yet it encapsulates the essence of life's perpetual cycle of renewal.

Aerial Views: Drone Footage

To fully appreciate the grandeur of the scene, we took to the skies. Our drone video captured the unfolding drama from a unique aerial perspective, offering a broader comprehension of the landscape and the changing tides.

Panoramic Perfection: 180-Degree Views

To do justice to the grandiosity of the scene, we shot several 3:1 ratio 180-degree panoramas. These views reveal not only the river mouth and its gradual transformation but also the encroaching clouds and the still serenity of the river—all in a single, sweeping glance.

360-degree Exploration

For an even more immersive experience, we’ve created a 360-degree virtual tour that lets you explore the Betka River Mouth as though you’re standing right there. Witness the complex interplay of elements from every angle, and be a virtual part of this extraordinary moment.

Prints and Media Availability

All these incredible moments have been frozen in time and are available as high-quality prints on canvas or paper. The dimensions can go up to 120x40 cm, promising a grand view wherever you choose to place them. You can also find these works on Etsy and RedBubble on various types of media.


In capturing this extraordinary event, we are reminded of the compelling and eternal dance between stillness and change, between the enduring and the ephemeral. The Betka River Mouth—like all things in nature—is both a canvas and a masterpiece in perpetual motion. And we are just spectators, fortunate enough to witness its magnificent transformations.

So here’s a salute to nature’s spectacular choreography—always on cue, never the same, but eternally captivating.


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