January 10

Betka River Meets the Sea: Sun, Surf, and Serenity 10 Jan 2024

East Gippsland


As the summer sun casts its golden glow over Mallacoota, a symphony of natural beauty unfolds where the tranquil Betka River converges with the vast expanse of the sea. On this day, the 10th of January 2024, our drone takes flight, capturing the serene spectacle of Betka Beach - a hidden jewel where waterways embrace.

From the lofty vantage of the drone's lens, Betka Beach is a masterpiece of movement and stillness. The river, stained a dark hue from the inland soils, carves through the land with a slow, deliberate grace, its waters culminating in a delicate dance with the ocean's saltwater. The beachgoers below are specks of vibrant life, scattered like jewels across the vast canvas of the sand.

The ocean's waves, white and relentless, offer a rhythmic contrast to the river's calm. They crash onto the shore, a testament to the timeless tug-of-war between land and sea. And there, standing sentinel at the confluence, is the bridge—a testament to human ingenuity nestled within the arms of nature's grand design.

In the embrace of such scenery, one can't help but feel a sense of peace. The world's bustle fades away, leaving only the sound of the waves, the laughter of families, and the occasional call of seabirds overhead. It's a place where serenity isn't just found; it's a palpable presence that envelops you.

Today's blog post is accompanied by the stunning visuals our drone has captured. The video—soon to be featured on our YouTube channel—offers you a seat in the sky to glide over this enchanting locale. The 360-degree images available on our website allow you to step into the scene, turning and observing every angle of where the river's journey ends, and the ocean's might begins.


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