April 8

Betka River close to breaking through



Today's short drone flight was a bit challenging due to the windy gusts of over 30 knots and occasional rain showers, but I managed to capture some fascinating footage. The sky was covered with many clouds, but the sun managed to peek through for a short time, and I took the opportunity to fly my drone. The Betka River Mouth is still closed, with a thin sand bar holding back a lot of clean, clear, coffee-colored water. The ocean, with its dark green-grey color and small waves, was a stunning sight. Strong gusts of wind were blowing over the river, creating an interesting contrast between the calm water and the turbulent air above. To top it off, a beautiful rainbow appeared on the horizon over the ocean, making the flight even more special. Despite the weather conditions, it was an excellent opportunity to capture some unique footage of the Betka River Mouth, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with my followers.

The river flows, coffee-colored and clear,
Held back by a thin bar of sand so near,
The ocean roars, with waves so small yet bold,
A view so stunning, one can't help but behold.

The wind gusts fiercely, over the river wide,
The clouds above, in formation they glide,
The sun peeks out, for a moment so brief,
A view so surreal, it's hard to believe.

A rainbow forms, over the horizon afar,
A wonder of nature, a sight so bizarre,
The view from above, so enchanting and rare,
A moment in time, beyond compare.


Betka River, Drone Video, Easter Monday, Natural Wonders, River Mouth

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