April 13

Betka River Breakthrough 13 April



Last night, nature put on a stunning display as the Betka River broke through to the ocean. The river rushed out with incredible force, carving a deep channel and exposing sand banks and rocks on either side. The brown water mixed with the sea, creating a beautiful blend of colors, while the foam from the waves washed back onto the shore. It was truly a spectacular sight to behold.

As a nature enthusiast and a videographer, I couldn't resist capturing this moment. I took video footage, as well as 360 and 180-degree panoramas of the scene. The 360 and 180-degree panoramas allow viewers to experience the beauty of the Betka River breakthrough in a unique and immersive way.

The 360-degree panorama takes you right into the middle of the action, where you can see the river flowing into the ocean, and the waves crashing onto the shore. You can even look up and see the sky above. Meanwhile, the 180-degree panorama captures the full expanse of the scene, from the river to the ocean, showcasing the beauty of the natural landscape.

It's moments like these that remind us of the incredible power and beauty of nature. I'm grateful for the opportunity to witness and capture this spectacular event, and I hope my videos and panoramas will allow others to experience the wonder of the Betka River breakthrough as well.

The river's been held back so long
Behind the sandy, narrow tongue
But now the Betka's broken through
Its power and force, a sight so new

The rushing water carves its way
Through rocks and banks, no time to stay
Its muddy hue, mixed with the blue
A turbulent blend, a stunning view

The foam it churns, a frothy white
As waves crash in with all their might
The Betka's might is on display
A force of nature, here to stay

The breakthrough's done, the river's free
Its journey to the sea to be
A spectacle that's sure to please
A sight that will forever seize.


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