December 27

Betka River Mouth Christmas 2022

Art, East Gippsland, Poetry


Hovering above the picturesque Betka River in Mallacoota, the drone captured a vibrant tableau of summer festivities on a warm December afternoon. The panoramic image vividly depicts the allure of nature blended with human camaraderie.

The stunning azure waters of the ocean gracefully meet the calmer, serene expanse of the river. These natural blues are punctuated by the golden stretch of the sandy beach, curving beautifully around the water, offering visitors a sun-soaked haven.

A closer look reveals many beachgoers revealing in the summer warmth. Colourful umbrellas dot the beach, offering shade to families and groups. The shallows of the river are abuzz with activity—children splashing about, couples wading, and individuals lounging on floaties.

Further out, the vast ocean beckons, with its waves softly crashing onto the shore. A few stand-up paddle boarders can be seen gracefully navigating the gentle currents, their silhouettes contrasting against the sunlit waters.

The adjacent car park is bustling with vehicles, a testament to the location's popularity during this holiday season. Nestled amidst the greenery, winding paths carve their way through, leading visitors from their cars to the coastal paradise. The trees, while showing signs of past challenges, stand tall and resilient, offering pockets of shade and contributing to the area's natural charm.

In essence, this drone-captured image of Betka River in Mallacoota on that December afternoon paints a lively scene—a testament to the allure of nature and the joy it brings to its visitors.

Betka's pristine shores do gleam,
Nature's canvas, like a dream,
Emerald waves kiss golden sands,
In this untouched, sacred land.

Turquoise depths and skies so clear,
Whisper tales of yesteryear,
Majestic trees, their shadows cast,
Echoes of a timeless past.

In this haven, pure and still,
Nature's beauty works its thrill,
Betka's untouched splendour, rare,
A paradise beyond compare.


Beauty, betka, canvas, coastal, echoes, golden, haven, majestic, paradise, past, pristine, sands, Serene, shores, splendour, timeless, Tranquility, trees, turquoise, untouched

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