March 13

Betka Beach’s Far End: A Panoramic and High-Resolution Prints

Art, East Gippsland


Immerse yourself in the rustic allure of Betka Beach through our collection of high-resolution prints. Our gallery captures the far end of this natural haven in a series of 6 stunning 4:3 images, alongside a breathtaking 3:1 panorama that encapsulates the grandeur of the coast.

Each image, a meticulous work of art, is inspired by the brush strokes of a painter, available in a variety of media choices to suit your aesthetic needs. Envision the colors extracted directly from the serene hues of Betka's own palette: the rich ochres of the rocks, the soothing tones of the sand, and the vibrant blues of the sky.

Select from prints that resonate with you, up to 120cm wide or larger for a commanding presence in your space. Embrace the essence of Betka, beautifully reimagined for your environment.


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