October 24

Betka Beach: Resilience and Renewal 24 Oct 2020

Art, East Gippsland


From the lens of our drone, soaring high above the breathtaking Betka Beach, emerges a story of resilience and nature's ever-evolving canvas. The scars of the devastating bushfires from 1 January 2020 still etch the landscape, but nature’s spirit remains unbroken.

The Video Vision

Our 4K video captures the captivating dance of the Betka River as it carves its way through a once-blocking sandbar, releasing its tannin-tinted waters into the vastness of the ocean. The contrasting hues – the brown of the river and the azure blue of the sea – create a visual spectacle that speaks of nature's relentless drive to flow and thrive.

360VR: An Immersive Experience

For those yearning to immerse themselves deeper, our 360VR image offers an enveloping experience. Stand at the very heart of Betka Beach, feel the gentle ocean breeze, hear the distant whisper of waves, and witness the verdant recovery of the bushland – all from a panoramic vantage that places you right amidst the scene.

Photo Moments

Our photo series offers snapshots of the day – the resilient rock formations bearing witness to freshwater and saltwater's confluence, the vast cloudy skies reflecting the day’s calm yet poignant mood, and the surrounding bush, though scarred, showing signs of rebirth in patches of green.


Poetic Reflections

Beneath the vast expanse of clouded sky,
Betka's shores in somber beauty lie.
The bush, in shades of black and brown does stand,
Yet holds the promise of life within the sand.

The river's dance, a tale of trials told,
Its tannin waters, bold against the cold.
In resilience and renewal, nature does confide,
Betka Beach stands strong, with time as its guide.

Join us as we continue to explore and chronicle nature's wondrous tales, capturing moments of despair, hope, and sheer beauty. Betka Beach, with its tale of resilience, serves as a poignant reminder of nature's indomitable spirit and our connection to this ever-evolving world.


360VR, 4K Video, Betka Beach, Bushfire Recovery, drone photography, Nature Resilience, Tannin Waters

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