May 12

Betka Beach and River 12 May 2023

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Venturing from the Betka River Mouth picnic area, today's drone journey began by flying out the mouth of the river. At low tide, the coffee-coloured water, a result of recent rains, could be seen making its way out into the ocean. Hovering just about 5 meters above, the drone then pivoted, capturing the mesmerising vista of the beach to the south. The golden sand, adorned with colourful rocks, bathed in the glow of the early afternoon sunlight, was a sight to behold.

Reversing its course, the drone ascended to 120 meters, traversing 900 meters northwards to the Betka River Bridge. Here, it captured several sweeping 180-degree panoramas and an immersive 360-degree image, encapsulating the expansive landscape in all its beauty.

Descending once again, the drone crossed the mouth of the river, this time charting a course out to sea. About 200 meters out, it turned to highlight several fascinating rock formations, venturing roughly 1000 meters past the river mouth. Throughout the journey, the drone snapped several captivating images, each offering a unique perspective of the stunning scenery.

This warm day, at a pleasant 18 degrees Celsius with very little wind, was the perfect backdrop for this breathtaking flight. The sky was mostly blue, with wispy white clouds gently adorning it and a soft haze blanketing the horizon. The area was alive with water birds, their presence adding to the serenity of the environment. Despite the immense beauty of the location, there were only a couple of people to be seen, making the experience feel all the more personal and intimate.

Back at the lookout near the river mouth, the drone concluded its journey, having captured the extraordinary beauty of this remarkable landscape on this stunning day.

Along Betka River, where the waters run free,
Meets the vast ocean, in a dance of serenity.
Coffee tides meet salted waves,
Under the sun's golden gaze.

Rocks adorned in hues so bold,
Lying on sands of molten gold.
Whispers of the wind, a silent song,
In this place where hearts belong.

South along the beach, a sight to behold,
Tales of time and tide, untold.
North we gaze, where the river does wind,
A bridge, a symbol, of man and nature intertwined.

A flight to sea, where the horizon bends,
Past rock formations, where earth's story extends.
There the waters kiss the sky,
A scene that makes the heart sigh.

The day is warm, the wind a gentle lullaby,
Under the vast, cloud-dappled sky.
Birds grace the air, people pass by,
In this dance of life, under the sun's watchful eye.


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