July 24

Betka Beach: A Landscape Transformed 24 July 2020

East Gippsland, Poetry


Betka Beach: A Landscape Transformed

The Post-Blaze Beauty

As the drone soared above Betka Beach, the remnants of the New Year's Eve bushfires were evident even seven months later. A vast expanse stretched out, presenting a contrast of nature's power and resilience.

Coastal Scars

The coast, once teeming with green, now stands with barren trees, their arms stretching towards the skies as if asking for reprieve. The once-lush tea trees lining the coast are now silent sentinels, reminders of the fiery rage that had consumed them.

River's Resilience

The river mouth at Betka presents a curious sight. A stubborn sandbar blocks its path, causing the water to be trapped. This trapped water, stained with tannins, mirrors the sky, creating a dark and reflective pool that contrasts sharply with the surrounding scorched earth.

Nature's Recovery

Yet, amidst the desolation, there are signs of hope and recovery. Nature, in its indomitable spirit, is slowly but surely reclaiming its space. Fresh sprouts are emerging from the ground, and the sounds of birds can be heard in the distance, singing songs of renewal.

A Short Poem:

In the heart of Betka's shore,
Where green once thrived, fires did roar.
But nature's dance is never done,
In ashes' wake, new life begun.

Fly over the transformed Betka Beach, capturing the stark contrasts between fire-ravaged terrains and pockets of nature's revival. Witness the tannin-stained river blocked by a sandbar and the haunting beauty of the skeletal tea trees along the coast.

Immerse yourself in a panoramic view of Betka Beach post-bushfires. Experience a 360-degree perspective of the barren landscapes, the resilient river mouth, and the slowly regenerating bush, offering a poignant reminder of nature's power and perseverance



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