March 28

Betka Beach 28 March



From the Betka River Mouth car park, I launched my drone into the sky and began the flight, capturing stunning aerial photographs of the beautiful landscape. The clear, coffee-colored water of the Betka River opened up to the stunning green-blue sea as I flew towards the sandbar that blocked its exit.

As I flew backwards, I captured panoramic shots of the entire area, showcasing the unique coastline rocks and cliffs. The gentle breeze and smallish white-capped waves hitting the shore provided a relaxing atmosphere as I flew sideways to the south to explore the scenic South Betka Beach.

Half-tide at the Mermaid Rock Pool, the sand provided more space than the last time I visited. Later, I couldn't resist diving into the refreshing pool and enjoying the experience of the waves breaking into it, giving me a champagne bubble bath.

The drone then flew across the cliffs and dunes to capture the bend in the Betka River before heading back to the beach. With the camera pointed straight down, I flew back north along the beach, capturing stunning shots of the Mermaid Rock Pool at the start of South Betka Beach.

From the north side of the river mouth, I filmed another breathtaking view.  I took several 180 panoramas along the way. To top it off, I captured a 360 view of the stunning coastal landscape, which I will post on my blog,, in the next day or so.

We have 7 180 panoramas below that can be purchased in many formats and sizes.


Aerial Photography, Betka River, Coastal Views, Mermaid Rock Pool, South Betka Beach

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