December 19

Bemm River to Mouth

East Gippsland


Beneath an overcast sky, where hues of grey paint the water's surface, a drone takes flight from opposite the local hotel, embarking on a 6-kilometer journey towards the mouth of the Bemm River. The mission is daring, the battery life a ticking clock; with a full charge, the drone dares to capture the untouched beauty of East Gippsland's serene river escape, only to return with a mere 10% life left—a testament to the distance it traversed.

The flight itself is a dance of technology and nature, a delicate balance, as the drone hovers and weaves over a tranquil world below. The Bemm River, flanked by dense costal vegetation, leads like a winding path to its union with the sea. The river mouth opens just a crack, a shy trickle escaping into the vast Southern Ocean, as if the land itself is playing coy with the boundless waters.

This day, nature presented a 'glass off'—a moment of such stillness that the river's surface mirrors the sky, a reflection so perfect it seems to double the world in a silent symmetry. The overcast sky is a canvas of fantastic greys, a spectrum from silver to charcoal that whispers the complexity of nature's palette.

From the drone's perspective, the contrasts are vivid: the dark, whispering greens of the forest canopy, the golden sands of the river's edge, the deep blues and greys of water meeting sky. The journey, pushing the limits of the drone's battery, is a race against time, each moment captured is a fleeting glimpse into the stillness and the wild.

And now, the collection of video, 360 panoramas, and photos stands as a gallery of moments frozen in time, each frame a story, each angle a new verse in the poem of Bemm River. From the hotel to the river mouth, the drone's flight is a serene narrative of natural splendour, a voyage that invites us to explore from the comfort of our homes.

The blog post comes to life with these captured images and videos, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the tranquility of Bemm River. It's an invitation to explore, to witness the majesty of East Gippsland's landscapes, and to marvel at the technological marvel that brings the unreachable within our reach.


Aerial Videography, Bemm River, drone flight, East Gippsland, glass off, nature photography, overcast beauty, remote exploration, River Mouth, Southern Ocean, technology and nature, Tranquility

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