December 19

Bemm River Hotel and Pelicans

East Gippsland


Tucked away in the verdant embrace of East Gippsland, the Bemm River Hotel stands as a welcoming beacon to travellers and adventurers alike. From its cosy veranda to the sprawling greenery that surrounds, this charming establishment offers more than just a place to rest; it's a gateway to the natural wonders of Bemm River and its feathered inhabitants—the local pelicans.

Our latest blog feature, "Pelicans and Panoramas: Discovering Bemm River by Drone," takes you above and beyond the traditional lakeside experience. With a series of stunning images and captivating videos, we showcase the serene beauty of the lake opposite the hotel, where pelicans glide gracefully across the glassy water, masters of their aquatic realm.

The drone's eye begins its journey hovering above the hotel, capturing a 360-degree view that envelopes the lush, tree-lined horizons. This bird’s-eye perspective reveals the hidden layouts of this quaint township, nestled within the dense tapestry of the forest, a contrast to the open skies and the sprawling lake it faces.

Transitioning to the lake, our second 360-degree video captures the grandeur of the pelican's habitat. These majestic birds, with their impressive wingspans and leisurely elegance, are the undoubted sovereigns here. As the drone ascends, the pelicans can be seen dotting the water's surface, their white and grey plumage a striking sight against the lake's shimmering blue.

This multimedia showcase is not just about the sweeping views or the dance of wildlife; it's about the harmony that exists in Bemm River, a place where nature and hospitality intertwine. The Bemm River Hotel, with its rustic charm, stands as a silent observer to the daily rituals of the pelicans, the changing moods of the lake, and the tranquil flow of life at the river's edge.


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