August 31

Bells Beach Torquay Longboard Classic: An Aerial Odyssey

Great Ocean Road, Sport


Just a few days after the thrilling conclusion of the Bells Beach Longboard Classic, the surf and the sand are far from quiet. To capture the lingering spirit of this iconic Australian event, we took to the skies with our drone. What unfolded was a pure Aussie spectacle—majestic, wild, and utterly captivating.

The video kicks off in the late arvo, capturing the golden hues of the sun as it gilds about 50 longboard surfers carving up the waves. The shore still bears the remnants of the event's infrastructure—the podiums, commentary boxes, and spectator stands—all empty but echoing with the memories of recent celebrations.

As the drone ascends, you're presented with a looming spectacle: storm clouds majestically rolling in from the north-west. These clouds, dark and imposing, offer a stunning contrast to the sunlit ocean below. The interaction of light and shadow upon the water is nothing short of poetic. A gentle onshore breeze adds texture to the ocean, resembling an artist's delicate brushstrokes on a deep blue canvas.

The Bells Beach Longboard Classic, a major event on the 2023 WSL World Longboard Tour, unfolded right here. As the drone soars higher and higher, you can almost hear the past echoes of the crowd and the commentator's enthusiastic voice, calling out each stellar ride. Even though the competition is over, this footage transports you right back into the heart of it, letting you feel the thrill, excitement, and unmistakably Australian spirit of the surfing world.

The drone takes you on a visual journey with sweeping 180-degree views, a mesmerising 360 panorama, and to cap it all off, a stunning 4K video. Believe us; this is the closest you can get to experiencing the Longboard Classic again, short of a time machine.

For those interested in learning more about the Bells Beach Longboard Classic and its positive impact on the Surf Coast community, you can head over to the World Surf League website.

So grab a cuppa, hit play, and let yourself be transported back to one of the most iconic surfing spots in Australia—right from the comfort of your home.

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