October 2

Bastion Point’s Shifting Sands: A Morning Glimpse

East Gippsland


Today, under a brilliant blue sky warmed by the late morning sun, Bastion Point revealed a fresh visage to all those who know and love it. The mouth of the Mallacoota Lake, ever dynamic in its dance with nature, has relocated itself. No longer where we last saw it, it now nestles snugly against the southernmost tip of Bastion Point, a sentinel looking out to the vast ocean beyond.

By 11 am, the beach stretched like a golden ribbon, its sandy expanse extending northwards, as if reaching out to our neighbours in New South Wales. The crystal-clear emerald waters of the ocean contrasted vividly against the sands, painting a picture reminiscent of the most exquisite of gemstones.

Amid this vast, enchanting tableau, two lone figures made their mark: a surfer, carving elegant trails on the waves, and a swimmer, cutting through the shimmering waters with graceful strokes. In that vast landscape, they stood as testaments to the age-old bond between humanity and the sea.

Come, dive into our drone video and photos, and let yourself be captivated by this ever-changing coastal landscape. Today's Bastion Point may look different tomorrow, but its timeless beauty will forever remain etched in our hearts.


Bastion Point, Blue Sky, emerald ocean, golden beach, Mallacoota Lake, New South Wales border, shifting sands

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