February 20

Bastion Point to Town Low Tide



Welcome to Mallacoota, Victoria! We're excited to share with you a stunning 4k drone video that takes you on a breathtaking journey from the boat ramp across the mouth of the lake as the tide rapidly recedes, revealing large sand banks.

As the drone flies into the lake, you'll see the foreshore holiday park filled with campers enjoying the sunny day. You can clearly see the sandbars and channels running through the lake, creating a natural wonderland of exploration.

As the drone moves further, you'll witness the weekend fishing competition coming to a close, with dozens of bass boats being taken out of the lake. You can feel the excitement and energy of the competition as it draws to a close.

Returning back over the Mudbrick, you'll see people arriving for Duncan's farewell – an event you can read more about in our previous post. It's clear to see the strong sense of community and warmth that Mallacoota offers.

As the drone continues, you'll get a clear view of the golf club, an iconic location of the area. It's a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the stunning views of Mallacoota.

We hope you enjoyed this stunning drone video and the natural beauty of Mallacoota. Come and visit us soon, and experience the magic for yourself.

In addition to the stunning drone video, we've also included 4 180-degree panoramas that showcase the natural beauty of Mallacoota. The panoramas offer a unique perspective, giving you a full view of the breathtaking landscapes of the area. From the sandy beaches and turquoise waters to the rolling hills and lush forests, each panorama captures a different view of the stunning surroundings. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the beauty of Mallacoota, and experience the serenity and natural wonder that make this place so special. We hope these panoramas will inspire you to come and visit us soon or order a print from our Etsy Store


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