December 7

Bastion Point to Captain Stevenson’s: A Drone’s Journey Over Mallacoota 7 Dec 2023

East Gippsland


Embark on a breathtaking aerial journey over Mallacoota, from the storied Bastion Point, across the tranquil waters of the lake, around Captain Stevensons Point, and back over the community's beloved oval and the serene expanse of Mortimers Paddock. Today's blog post is a visual symphony, a collection of 180° panoramas, immersive 360° views, and a captivating 4K drone video that soars above it all.

The Aerial Odyssey

Our drone takes flight on a clear morning, its camera pointed towards the vast blue beyond. As we leave Bastion Point, the drone video captures the boat ramp bustling with early risers and the diligent work of machines tending to the beach. We glide over the lake's waters, deep and mysterious, stained with tannins from the recent rains, a moving tapestry of dark hues against the sandy shores.

Sweeping past Captain Stevensons Point, the drone reveals the intricate dance between land and water, where native flora clings to the rocky outcrops. The journey continues, the view opening to the green sprawl of the oval, a patchwork of recreational space and community gathering, and then to Mortimers Paddock, a picture of peace.

Panoramic Perspectives

Beyond the video, we offer panoramic vistas that stretch the imagination. The 180° views encapsulate the diversity of Mallacoota's landscapes, from the wild, rugged coasts to the gentle rural settings. Meanwhile, our 360° images invite you to step inside the frame, to look around and feel the expanse of sky and land as if you were there, floating high above.

A Poem for the Views

To complement the visual feast, a poem to encapsulate the Old

essence of our journey:

Over waters dark and deep we soar,
Bastion’s Point, to lake's gentle shore,
Past Stevensons Point where eagles call,
Above the oval where shadows fall.

Mortimers Paddock's green embrace,
Drone's eye view of this tranquil place,
Mallacoota's heart from up above,
A land embraced by sky and love.

Experience the Flight

We invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Mallacoota through our drone's lens. Every turn, every ascent, and every descent is a new story, a new perspective of the natural and community treasures that make this place unique.

Visit our blog to watch the full drone video, explore the panoramas, and read the poetry that captures the spirit of Mallacoota. Let your heart soar with us on this aerial adventure.


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