February 22

Bastion Point, Mallacoota: A Morning of Sapphire and Emerald

East Gippsland


As the clock nudged towards 9 AM this splendid morn, the vast canvas of the sky above Bastion Point was brushed in the most striking hues of azure. A flotilla of cumulus clouds, white as the sand dunes below, sailed gently across this blue expanse, guided by a light zephyr that whispered tales of the deep to the shores. The high tide cradled the shores in its fullness, a crystal clear testament to the purity of these waters, shimmering in shades of green sapphire. It was a sight that promised tranquility and beckoned many a soul to its serene embrace.

The panoramic embrace of Bastion Point revealed a 360-degree spectacle, with a 180-degree turn offering a portrait of nature in its most majestic attire. The video captured will surely echo the morning’s serenity, encapsulating the dance of light upon water, the ballet of leaves rustling, and the symphony of waves meeting the steadfast rocks in a timeless rhythm.

And so, I pen these verses, inspired by the unparalleled beauty of Mallacoota’s Bastion Point:

Upon Bastion’s crest at break of day,
Where sapphire waters dance and play,
The clouds in regal parade did glide,
O'er emerald tides that swell with pride.

The breeze, a soft and whispered hymn,
Through morning's light, both bright and dim,
Speaks of ancient, timeless lore,
Of sailors past and the ocean’s roar.

The sun ascends, its rays embrace,
The point, the mouth, the water’s grace,
In Mallacoota’s tranquil lee,
A scene of pure serenity.

For here where land and water meet,
Is nature’s heart, both wild and sweet,
A treasure trove by time forgot,
In hues of green and azure wrought.


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