December 1

Bastion Point: Day Four of Rain – A Dance of Elements

East Gippsland


Nature's Spectacle at Mallacoota

Welcome back to our blog where we're documenting a remarkable natural event at Bastion Point, Mallacoota. We're on day four of continuous rain, and the transformation of the landscape is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

A Swollen Lake and a Scoured Mouth

The lake's level has risen about 2 meters due to the relentless downpour, creating a spectacle of nature's force. An immense volume of water is rushing out, scouring the sand from the mouth of the lake, which is now over 100 meters wide. This powerful flow is a rare sight, capturing the raw strength of nature.

A Mixture of Elements

One of the most striking features is the tannin-stained rainwater mixing with the ocean. This mingling creates a captivating visual of light brown hues, contrasted by the vivid blues of the sea. The waves, in their continuous motion, are churning up a lot of white and brown foam, adding to the dramatic scenery.

Capturing the Moment

Despite the light wind, overcast skies, and light rain, I ventured out with my drone, hoping it could withstand the conditions. The risk was worth it for the images captured – they truly convey the magnitude of this natural event.

Immersive Experiences

We invite you to immerse yourself in this unique natural phenomenon through our 360 VR image, a collection of photos, and a specially curated video on YouTube. These mediums offer different perspectives of the event, from the expansive 360 views to the detailed photographs and dynamic video footage.

A Journey Worth Taking

Despite the weather's challenges, these moments remind us of the ever-changing beauty of our world. The images and video are a testament to the resilience and power of nature, and I hope they inspire as much awe in you as they did in me.

Explore and Appreciate

To fully experience this natural spectacle at Bastion Point, visit our YouTube channel for the video, and don’t forget to enjoy the 360 VR experience and photo gallery on our blog.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to capture the uncharted beauty of Mallacoota's landscapes, rain or shine.

Witness nature's dance at Bastion Point and share in the wonder of these unique moments.

In Mallacoota's realm, where nature's art unfurls,
A spectacle emerged at Bastion Point, it swirls.
Four days of rain, relentless in its pour,
Transforming landscapes like never before.

A lake, now swollen, rises with might,
Two meters higher, a breathtaking sight.
The mouth of the lake, scoured and wide,
Over a hundred meters, with nature as the guide.

A forceful flow, a rare display,
Nature's raw strength in full array.
Water rushes, sand retreats,
In this natural drama, earth and water meet.

Tannin-stained rain, a dance with the sea,
Mingling hues of brown and blue, a visual spree.
Waves churn in motion, white and brown foam rise,
A dramatic canvas under overcast skies.

With drone in hand, I braved the light rain,
Capturing moments, in wind's gentle refrain.
The images speak of nature's grand event,
A testament to its unyielding ascent.

In Mallacoota's embrace, where elements blend,
Nature's spectacle, in its awe, does not pretend.
A story of resilience, power, and grace,
Captured in time, in this unique place.


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