December 12

Bastion Point Beckons: A Prelude to Summer’s Surf Symphony

East Gippsland


In the video, the lens becomes our eyes as we glide from the boat ramp into the serene embrace of the lake. We navigate Harrison's channel, where the water, even at a mere 0.6m at low tide, runs with purpose out of the lake. The channel's newfound breadth is on display, waters up to 3m deep revealing themselves as the guardian sandbanks stand sentinel. We pass by Captain Stevenson's Point, where the tides mark time, and the dance of water and land is an intricate ballet. This visual voyage is a precursor to the aquatic ballet set to unfold in the coming summer months, an invitation to the days of sun-kissed waves and the surfers who will soon grace these waters.

Overlooking Bastion Point, the panorama exudes the rhythmic calm of nature's own breath, even as the sky hangs heavy with the promise of more tales from the heavens. The new channel, freshly carved by the week's deluge, now lies serene, its sandy banks a testament to the lake's recent fury. It's a tableau awaiting the summer's embrace, where the surf will rise to meet the challenge of eager boards.

Today, Bastion Point whispers rather than roars. A 15-knot easterly brushes the modest swells, a coy invitation to what will soon be. Though not ideal for the seasoned surfer, it holds a promise, a whisper of grand spectacles yet to come.

The visual chronicle today is a composite of perspectives—a 180, a 360, and a video journey from the boat ramp to the depths of Harrison's channel, just beyond Captain Stevenson's Point. At nearing low tide, with a 0.6m mark, the water retreats, revealing a channel up to 3m deep, now more expansive than ever, a watery thoroughfare that beckons the adventurous.

Where fresh water kisses brine,
In Mallacoota, after rain's design,
A mouth agape in newfound form,
A canvas reshaped after the storm.

Amidst the chorus of gulls that cry,
Beneath the brooding, weeping sky,
The land and sea in tender clasp,
In the aftermath, nature's grasp.

The rains have danced, the earth has quenched,
Upon the shores, new lines are etched.
The mouth of Mallacoota lies,
A gateway 'neath the changing skies.

Waters rush with stories old,
Over sands of silver and gold,
They whisper tales of ebb and flow,
Of secret depths that few may know.

Where once was calm, now currents run,
A dance of might that's never done.
The lake has spilled its secrets vast,
In the wake of rain, its die is cast.

So stands the Mouth, in beauty dressed,
By nature's hand, it's newly pressed.
A portal to the ocean's song,
Where waters wild and free belong.

Mallacoota's mouth, in rain reborn,
A herald of the coming morn.
Where river's end meets ocean's start,
There lies the beating of the heart.


Bastion Point, drone photography, Easterly-Winds, Harrison-Channel, Lake-Opening, low tide, Mallacoota Magic, Sand-Bank, Summer-Surf, Surf-Report

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