December 4

Bastion Point Awakening: A Post-Deluge Symphony 4 Dec 2023



In Mallacoota's embrace, where waters dance,
A scene unfolds, a whimsical chance,
After rains that whispered through each night,
Comes a morning, with its golden light.

Bastion Point, in sun's tender caress,
Wears a gown of shimmering finesse,
Sky a canvas, half cloud, half clear,
Where cotton wool clouds float near and dear.

Eastern horizon, a distant grey-white line,
Guarding the ocean, vast and divine,
The gentle breeze whispers, soft and serene,
Over landscapes washed clean, pure, unseen.

Waters rush, eager to meet the sea,
Carrying sand, in their jubilee,
Like a painter with strokes bold and free,
Crafting a picture for the heart to see.

This dance of nature, raw and true,
In hues of coffee, and brilliant blue,
A testament to rain's mighty reign,
Now leaving behind its last refrain.

In this corner of the world, so lush and bright,
Where day emerges from the grip of night,
Mallacoota sings, in joy, in light,
A melody of dawn, after rain's flight.

In the quaint coastal haven of Mallacoota, a rare spectacle unfolds, captured deftly by our drone as it glides over Bastion Point. This is the first morn in a week's span where the heavens have ceased their relentless outpouring, having gifted a staggering 300mm to the catchment area. The scene is an eloquent testimony to nature's drama and its aftermath.

The sun, emerging in triumphant radiance, casts a golden glow over the landscape, a stark contrast to the recent grey skies. A gentle breeze, almost like a sigh of relief from the land, brushes across the scene. The horizon, a canvas of contrasting hues, is adorned with a grey-white cloud bank standing sentinel over the eastern vista, where the vast expanse of the South Pacific Ocean begins its endless stretch. Above, the sky is a patchwork of azure and cloud, with billowing formations resembling tufts of cotton wool, occupying half of the celestial dome.

In a mesmerising dance, the sunlight plays with these clouds, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow over the rugged beauty of Bastion Point. Below, the aftermath of the deluge is evident. The waters, now a unique shade resembling flat white coffee, rush eagerly towards the sea. This is no ordinary flow; it is a forceful exodus, carrying with it copious amounts of sand, a testament to the recent rains' might. The sand, in its journey, paints transient trails in the water, a natural artistry constantly reshaped by the currents.

Our drone captures this moment with precision, offering viewers a perspective both grand and intimate. It's a scene that speaks of resilience and renewal, a landscape washing away the remnants of a week-long tempest to embrace a new day with vigour.


Australian Charm, Bastion Point, Cloud Formations, Coastal Resilience, Cotton Wool Clouds, Drone Videography, gentle breeze, Mallacoota, nature's artistry, Post-Rain Beauty, Renewal, Sand Trails, Sunny Morning

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