September 21

Bastion Point: A Bird’s-Eye View of Change

Art, East Gippsland


Capturing the Landscape's Shift since the 2020 Fires

Flying a drone over Bastion Point reveals subtle yet significant changes that speak to the cycles of nature and the determination of the local community.

Ocean Meets Lake: A New Alignment

From an aerial perspective, it's clear that the meeting point of the ocean and the lake has undergone a transformation. The beach now curves more intimately around Bastion Point, running directly into the lake. This alteration not only offers a fresh visual appeal but also reshapes the experience for swimmers and surfers who frequent these waters.

Rebuilt and Revived Near the Golf Club

Panning towards the Golf Club, the drone captures houses that have been rebuilt after the 2020 New Year's Eve fires. These homes, nestled amidst the recovering bush, are a testament to the community's resilience. Nature, too, showcases its ability to recover. Once charred land now brims with greenery, painting a hopeful picture for the future.

A Visual Treat

The 4K drone video provides a crystal-clear representation of these changes, ensuring viewers get a detailed view of the shifting landscape. Additionally, the panoramic images, with their expansive views and vivid colours, would be perfect additions to any wall, serving as a reminder of nature's enduring beauty and the tenacity of the Mallacoota community.

Dive Deep with VR360 Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Bastion Point with VR360. Experience the curves of the beach, the meeting point of the ocean and lake, and the restored greenery, all in a 360-degree view. This isn't just any regular viewing; it's an interactive journey where you are at the centre, taking in every detail from every angle. The reconstruction after the 2020 fires, the resilient spirit of the community, the boundless beauty of nature - all these stories come alive as you navigate through this panoramic realm.


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