May 29

Bastion Point 29 May 2023



Experience a truly breathtaking 360-degree panorama from above Mortimers Paddock. This unique viewpoint encapsulates the serene beauty of the town, with its neatly manicured Golf Course, lush local park, and the sprawling lake that leads to the majestic mouth. It's a vibrant tableau of nature and community living harmoniously, inviting viewers to bask in the immersive spectacle of this picturesque locale.

Above Mortimer's Paddock's serene charm,
A panoramic view that means no harm.
Golf course greens in a patchwork quilt,
Reflecting the sunlight without any guilt.

The town unfolds in a gentle sprawl,
Beneath the sky's endless, azure hall.
The lake spreads wide, a shimmering sheet,
Where mouth and water gracefully meet.

A park in bloom, full of life and play,
Casting shadows in the light of day.
Nature and man in harmonious blend,
In a panorama that seems to have no end.

Venturing out for a drone flight this sunny Monday, 28th May 2023, I set off from Bastion Point at noon. The day was pleasant at 17°C, with a few white clouds accentuating the azure sky. The wind was brisk at 20 knots from the west, creating an offshore breeze that flattened the water, though some impressive sets of waves still rolled in for the three surfers riding them.

Low tide had been at 10 am, and now seawater was slowly reclaiming the lake. I guided the drone towards Bastion Point, keeping it low over the cliffs, about 5m above them and 25m above sea level, while capturing dynamic video footage. As I reached the point, I took some sweeping 180-degree panoramas before extending the drone out to sea, around 500m from the mouth. From an elevated 100m, I took another panoramic view of this idyllic scene.

Then, gliding into the mouth and above Mortimer's Paddock, I captured more stunning vistas before steering the drone back to my launch spot at the first lookout of Bastion Point. Today's flight was yet another reminder of the breathtaking beauty of our coastal landscape, seen from perspectives uniquely attainable by drone.

Experience the stunning coastal town of Mallacoota from a bird's-eye view with our latest drone flight. Captured on a beautiful Monday morning in late May, the video paints a vivid picture of the sun-soaked Bastion Point. With a strong offshore breeze rendering the sea's surface flat and a few daring surfers catching the rolling waves, this video showcases the serenity of the coastal environment. As the tide begins to rise, our drone soars low above the cliffs of Bastion Point, ventures out to sea, and then circles back towards the lake, capturing the breathtaking confluence at the mouth. Watch as the town, the golf course, and the expansive lake unfold before your eyes in a 360 panorama, highlighting the sheer beauty and tranquillity of Mortimers Paddock. This immersive journey concludes with a return to the launch spot, providing a stunning overview of this captivating landscape.

From the bluff of Bastion Point, the drone took flight,
On a sunny Monday noon, under the sky so bright.
A gusty western wind, its strength did boast,
Casting ripples across the sea, off the coast.

Surfers danced with waves, in a choreographed sight,
As the sea flowed back to the lake, in the soft daylight.
Over cliffs so high, the drone did glide,
Revealing a panorama, with a seamless tide.

Out into the ocean, about 500 meters it flew,
Capturing the vista, of an endless blue.
With the sea beneath and the sky overhead,
It painted a 360 canvas, in hues of blues and red.

Sweeping over Mortimer's Paddock, above the lake,
The drone's lens captured, every little stake.
A town, a golf course, parks that lay,
Unfurled below, in the midday ray.

With a gusty breeze as guide, and the landscape in sight,
The drone returned to Bastion Point, ending its flight.
In this seaside town, where the winds are never light,
The beauty was immortalised, from morning until night.


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