March 9

Autumn’s First Light: Mallacoota Lake to Gabo Island

East Gippsland


Today, we're voyaging across the visual splendor that is Mallacoota, starting from the distant silhouettes of Gabo Island. As the sun breaks the hold of night, it casts its first golden rays over the horizon, where the faint outline of the Gabo Island lighthouse stands as a steadfast beacon, nearly 20 kilometers away. The break of day reveals a panoramic tapestry of nature's finest work.

Our video, a serene and breathtaking journey, begins with the sun's ascent over this distant marvel, capturing the moment when the lighthouse catches the first light of dawn. From this majestic beginning, we fly across Mallacoota Lake, tracing the gentle flow from the Mouth, over the tree-lined Foreshore Park, and towards the bustling Wharf.

The flight doesn't simply pass by; it immerses you. With 360VR technology, you're not just a spectator—you're a part of the landscape. The 180 panoramas stretch the breadth of the lake to Coull's Inlet and back to the charm of Captain Stevenson's Point, offering views that encompass the full glory of the morning.

This visual journey is a feast for the senses, designed for those captivated by coastal elegance and the intricate dance of light upon water. It's a tribute to Mallacoota's serene mornings, to the whispers of waves against the shore, and to the distant beacon that watches over it all.


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