March 8

Autumn Winds at Betka: A 4K Flight from River to Rock Pools

East Gippsland


On this blustery Autumn afternoon of the 7th of March 2024, the Betka River mouth reveals a scene where nature has whimsically rewritten the shoreline. A sandbar has emerged, a golden brushstroke across the river's mouth, severing the flow of tannin-rich waters into the embrace of the South-Eastern sea. The Betka's still waters, now a reflective pool under the watchful eye of the afternoon sun, mirror a sky stirred into a flurry by the winds.

Our latest blog entry takes you on a 360-degree exploration of this transformed landscape, accompanied by a 180-degree image capturing the breadth of this natural masterpiece. But we don't stop at stills; a 4K drone video breathes life into the scene, soaring from the river's mouth along the beach southward to where the rock pools await like jewels set in sand. It circles back, flying over the Betka Bridge, a silent sentinel overlooking the river. The drone's eye concludes its journey back at the car park, where this venture into the windswept afternoon began.

At the Mouth of Betka, Where Sands Bar the Way

At Betka’s mouth the river's run is stayed,
By sands that time and tides have deftly laid.
An earthen dam beneath the sky so wide,
As salt and freshened waters kiss denied.

The still green depths hold secrets in their keep,
While restless ocean waves in contrast leap.
The afternoon sun casts a golden glow,
Upon the barrier that halts the flow.

The march of hours across the sky is slow,
As nature's masterpiece puts on its show.
A moment caught between the ebb and flow,
Where time itself seems hesitant to go.

This pause of river unto ocean's door,
A dance of elements, at heart a war.
Yet in this gentle stand-off, peace we find,
As earth, water, and horizon are entwined.

Whispers of Betka

The river's mouth, now gently closed,
By sands that winds have deftly posed.
Autumn's breath, a Southeast sigh,
Casts a dance of clouds 'cross the sky.

Waves caress the shore in vain,
Seeking passage to the plain.
River's flow by sand detained,
In Autumn's soft, serene refrain.

From Betka's bridge to rock pool's edge,
The drone flies o'er the dune's soft ledge.
And in its flight, a story told,
Of Autumn days, bold and cold.

This sandbar's tale, not set in stone,
But sketched in sand by winds alone.
A moment caught, then washed away,
By Betka's tides, in constant play.

Crafted by the wind, the scene is a reminder of nature’s ephemerality, of the shifting sands and the stories they tell. And so, we pen a poem to capture the essence of this moment:


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