January 26

Australia Day 2023



The sun rises on a land of dreams,
Where the skies are blue and the sun beams.
A place of beauty, both wild and grand,
Australia, our beloved land.

The bushland echoes with the call,
Of kookaburras, cawing tall.
The beaches stretch as far as the eye can see,
With waves crashing, wild and free.

Mallacoota's shoreline, a sight to behold,
Golden sands, and waters so bold.
Nature's wonder, a true delight,
A hidden gem, a pure delight.

The cities bustle with life and cheer,
As people from all cultures gather here.
A melting pot of diversity,
Australia, our proud legacy.

On this day, we come together,
To celebrate our land forever.
Australia Day, a time for pride,
For all who call this land their guide.

Mallacoota a treasure, a part of our nation,
A place for reflection and appreciation.
We honour the past, and look to the future,
With hope and unity, we will nurture.


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