April 25

April Sunset 2021



On a serene evening at Coulls Inlet in Mallacoota, the sky was a canvas painted with strokes of crimson and vermilion. As the sun dipped below the horizon, it left behind a spectacle of red clouds that reflected beautifully on the still waters. The inlet, acting as a mirror, captured the essence of the blue sky and the white clouds, all illuminated by the spectacular sunset.

Accompanying this visual treat, a drone video and several photos captured the tranquil scene at Coulls Inlet. The mirror-like water perfectly reflected the sky's vibrant colours, while pelicans glided gracefully and boats bobbed gently on the water's surface, creating a picturesque harmony between nature and leisure.

In Mallacoota's gentle hold,
The evening sky burns crimson, bold.
Coulls Inlet mirrors this fiery dance,
In still waters, pelicans glance.

The sunset's brush strokes red on blue,
A canvas fleeting, changing hue.
Boats and birds in silhouette,
A scene so still, in twilight set.

As night whispers to retiring day,
The colors meld and fade away.
In the inlet's glass, the last light sinks,
Leaving whispers of reds in pinks.


drone, lake, sunset

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