April 2

April 2nd Betka South



It was a perfect sunny and warm afternoon when I decided to visit South Betka Beach. As I walked along the shore, I couldn't help but feel the calm and serenity that this beautiful beach has to offer.

The low tide had left a wide stretch of beach, exposing numerous rocks that gave the place a unique and natural look. With hardly anyone else around, it felt like the whole beach was mine to enjoy.

I decided to take a swim in the crystal-clear water, which was just the right temperature for me. As I was swimming, an osprey flew past overhead, reminding me of the amazing wildlife that can be seen here.

I then relaxed on the warm sand, feeling the sunshine on my skin and listening to the soothing sound of the waves crashing onto the shore.

While I was lazing on the beach, I noticed some jets with trails crossing high in the sky, heading both south and north. The sight was truly mesmerizing, and I couldn't help but wonder where they were going.

Sunny skies and a warm embrace,
South Betka Beach, my peaceful space,
Lazying here, with no rush or race,
Nature surrounds, in this idyllic place.

The low tide reveals the rocky terrain,
As I wander on this sandy plain,
A beach all to myself, without a strain,
Tranquility abounds, with no refrain.

I dive in the water, cool and clear,
Refreshing my soul, with every sphere,
An osprey flies by, a sight so dear,
Wildlife at its best, with no fear.

Lazing again, the sun on my face,
The waves crashing, a soothing grace,
Jets with trails, high in the space,
Heading north and south, in this peaceful chase.

The beach, a retreat, from all the fuss,
A place to relax, with no muss,
South Betka, a true gem for us,
A serene paradise, without a fuss.


beach day, beach rocks, jets, low tide, Nature, osprey, relaxation, South Betka Beach, wildlife

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