April 25

Anzac Day at the Bunker

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On a warm autumn day, the local community of Mallacoota came together to celebrate Anzac Day in a unique way. Members of the local pony club rode out to the Bunker Museum and held a BBQ for everyone in attendance. It was a fantastic event that brought together people of all ages and backgrounds.

Anzac Day is a significant day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, honouring those who served and sacrificed their lives for their country. The day is commemorated with dawn services, parades, and other events across the country. This year, the local pony club in Mallacoota decided to do something different to mark the occasion.

The club members, along with their horses, rode out to the Bunker Museum, which played a vital role in Australia's defence during World War II. The museum is a unique attraction, housed in an underground bunker that served as a lookout for Japanese submarines during the war.

Upon arrival at the museum, the pony club members set up a BBQ and invited everyone to join in the celebrations. The event was open to the public, and many locals came out to enjoy the beautiful weather and the company of their neighbours.

A couple of dozen horses rode out, and the sound of their hooves on the pavement added to the festive atmosphere. Children were delighted to see the horses up close and even had the chance to feed them some apples.

The BBQ was a great success, with plenty of food and drinks on offer. People sat around, chatting and enjoying each other's company, while children played and ran around. The weather was perfect, with blue skies and no wind, making it a fantastic day for all.

Overall, the Anzac Day celebrations at the Bunker Museum were a great success, bringing together the local community in a unique and memorable way. The event was a testament to the spirit of the community in Mallacoota, and a reminder of the importance of coming together to honour and remember those who have served our country.


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