November 12

Afternoon at South Betka Beach Mallacoota 11 Nov 2023

East Gippsland


This afternoon's visit to South Betka Beach, nestled in the charming Mallacoota, offered a different yet equally enchanting experience. The warm light and gentle north winds created a perfect setting for an impromptu swim in the surprisingly warm ocean for this time of year.

Afternoon Ambiance

As the afternoon sun bathed the beach in a golden glow, the ocean's warm embrace was a delightful surprise. The sands, still carrying the morning's memories, shone under the sun's caress. The north wind, soft and playful, whispered through the boulders and dunes, adding a lightness to the air.

A Dynamic Shift

The day took an unexpected turn as I wrapped up my time with the drone. A strong southerly front swept through, a dramatic contrast to the day's earlier calm. The front brought with it a dance of blowing sand, creating a spectacular yet gritty display. The sky remained a defiant blue, unaffected by the sudden change below.

The Final Dip and Departure

Before the front's arrival, I seized the opportunity for a swim. The ocean, warm and welcoming, was a rare treat for this early in the season. It was a moment of serenity, a dip into nature's own pool, before the winds dictated it was time to leave.

The Poetic Reflection

Afternoon light, a golden sweep,
Warm winds, secrets they keep,
Ocean's embrace, surprisingly mild,
In nature's arms, I'm but a child.

The landscape shifts, a southerly front,
Blowing sands, in their daring stunt,
Sky remains blue, undisturbed and bright,
A dynamic display of day's light.

Time to leave, with memories in tow,
Of warm swims and winds that blow,
South Betka's charm, forever in sight,
In every change, there's delight.


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