April 17

Aerial View from Bastion Point 17 April



Bastion Point, a place of calm and peace,
Aerial views show nature's masterpiece.
The coastline curves in gentle embrace,
As the ocean meets the sandy face.

With blue skies and white fluffy clouds,
The scenery leaves one truly wowed.
No controversy, no dissent in sight,
Just natural beauty, a pure delight.

The low tide reveals a tranquil scene,
Water ceases its flow, clear and pristine.
The drone glides over the golf club's greens,
Capturing vistas that remain unseen.

Bastion Point, a hidden gem,
A place to lose oneself and then
Find solace in nature's serene embrace,
A balm for the soul, a sacred space.

Today, we had the opportunity to take some stunning photos and a video of Bastion Point, Mallacoota from above. The drone was flown from the Point to out over the lake, past the mouth at low tide at noon. The views were breathtaking with blue skies and a few clouds adding to the charm of the area.

The aerial shots showed the beauty of the area, with its stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters. From above, we could see the Bastion Point, the mouth of the lake, and the surrounding areas. It was quite evident that the area is a haven for tourists looking for a peaceful getaway.

During our flight, we flew back and forth over the area, capturing several views of the whole area. The low tide made it possible for us to capture the stunning beauty of the area without the flow of water through the mouth.

Bastion Point, Mallacoota is an incredible place, with so much natural beauty and charm. The drone shots gave us a chance to appreciate it from a different perspective. We hope our video and photos can inspire others to visit the area and see its stunning beauty for themselves.

The video taken at Bastion Point today captures the beauty of the area from a bird's-eye view. It shows the stunning coastline, the lake, and the surrounding landscape with a blue sky and a few clouds. The drone flies from the Point to out over the lake, past the mouth at low tide at noon, showing several views of the whole area, including the nearby golf club. The video also captures the strong current leaving the mouth as the ocean was just reaching low tide, creating a mesmerising sight.


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