September 23

A Windy Day at Cape Conran’s New Boat Ramp

East Gippsland


A Windy Day at Cape Conran's New Boat Ramp: A Drone's Glimpse

It was one of those typical windy afternoons in Cape Conran, the kind where you can feel the energy of nature as it rustles leaves and ruffles hair. The sky, a clear shade of blue, provided a perfect backdrop for my drone's flight over the newly revamped boat ramp.

Upgrades in Action

From above, the sight of the fresh concrete ramp was straightforward but impressive. It merged smoothly with the surrounding landscape, pointing directly towards the vast expanse of the sea. The jetty, now longer and more spacious, had a group of enthusiastic fishers at its end, their lines dancing with the wind, hoping for a catch.

For those who want a broader view of this scene, the panorama captures the entire expanse, showing the perfect blend of human activity amidst nature.

Functionality and Beauty Combined

The video offers a closer look. The broader concrete apron stands out, offering boaters more room to back their trailers. One can't help but appreciate the reinforced retaining wall, a subtle indication of the safety measures in place. And yes, for those navigating near the offshore rock, soon-to-be-placed markers will ensure a safer journey.

For real-time conditions and to ensure you choose the perfect time for a visit, the FREE Boating Vic app is invaluable. It provides a live view, ensuring that every visit is memorable.

Echoes of the Past Amidst the New

Cape Conran has always been a place of significance. This blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage is evident even in the simple activities like fishing on the jetty. The upgrades, while modern, do not overshadow the essence of Cape Conran, ensuring that each visit, be it for boating or just a day out, is special.


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