July 18

A Stunning Winter’s Day at Bastion Point with Dolphins



In the heart of the winter season, amidst the cool breezes and the warmth of the midday sun, Bastion Point unveiled a mesmerising spectacle. I was fortunate enough to capture this serene canvas with my drone, armed with a Hasselblad 4 thirds sensor camera, creating an awe-inspiring 10-minute video from an exhilarating 40 minutes of flying.

This day was not just any ordinary winter's day. The sun shone bright, casting a glow over the tranquil emerald waters and sandy beaches. With an unbroken view from the sky, the rock pools were distinctly visible, revealing the vibrant life within them. With an 8x zoom, the camera not only captured the stunning details of the rock pools but also allowed glimpses of fish darting through the clear waters.

But the true stars of the show were the dolphins. Playing this 4K video on a large screen reveals their graceful presence in the calm sea. There were about a dozen of them, subtly appearing and disappearing, dancing with the waves. Their playful activities added a sense of magic to the already enchanting scenery.

Despite it being winter, the day was invitingly warm and sunny. This brought about a certain calmness, a peace that enveloped Bastion Point, making the entire filming experience incredibly soothing. The clarity of the sky, the vibrancy of the sea, and the playful energy of the dolphins culminated in an experience that truly encapsulated the mesmerising beauty of Bastion Point.

So, come join me in this visual journey and let the serene landscape and the rhythmic dance of the dolphins enchant you. It's a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty that lies in the simplicity and tranquillity of nature. Watch the video, and let's escape, if just for a moment, to Bastion Point under the warm winter sun.

At Bastion Point where the waters gleam,
Dolphins dance and hearts dream.
With grace they glide, in playful delight,
Under the sun, a truly enchanting sight.


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