May 26

A Skyward Journey: Unveiling Mallacoota’s Wonders From Above

East Gippsland


Discover the spellbinding beauty of Mallacoota through today's drone adventure, featuring panoramic views and serene waterways.

Experience the serene beauty of Mallacoota through "Heart of My Mallacoota," a dynamic country rock ballad that captures the essence of this enchanting locale. With soulful mezzo-soprano vocals, varying tempos, and a powerful backbeat, the song takes you on a journey from Lakeside's tranquil waters to the whispers of Bastion Point. Immerse yourself in the peaceful charm of Mallacoota, where nature's embrace and stunning landscapes create a haven of dreams and memories. Let the heartfelt lyrics and evocative melody transport you to this beloved Australian treasure.

Today's drone flight offered a spectacular aerial tour of Mallacoota, starting from the bustling Fishing Platform on Lakeside Drive. The journey captured the essence of this enchanting locale, traversing across to the historic wharf and sweeping over to Captain Stevenson's Point. The camera lens feasted on the majestic mouth at Bastion Point, then glided north along Harrison's Channel, gracefully following the channel past Rabbit Island and circling back to our starting point.

Along the way, the drone performed several breathtaking 180-degree panoramas, each one showcasing a different facet of Mallacoota's diverse landscape. From the lush greenery lining the waterways to the expansive views of the South Pacific Ocean, every turn offered a new visual delight. The flight culminated in a stunning 360-degree panorama, providing a comprehensive view that encapsulated the serene beauty of the area.

A Poem to Mallacoota:
In the quiet morn, the drone took flight,
Above the waters, gleaming bright.
From Lakeside's edge to Stevenson’s grace,
Each corner of this lovely place.

Over the channel, past Rabbit’s hide,
Where gentle waters ebb and bide.
The drone’s eye dances, free and keen,
Capturing sights rarely seen.

Bastion’s mouth, wide and clear,
Whispers stories for those who hear.
Back through channels where secrets keep,
In the depths of waters deep.

This visual journey, though from above,
Captures the heart of the place we love.
Through lens and screen, we come to see,
Mallacoota’s beauty, wild and free.

Stay tuned for more adventures as we continue to explore the natural splendour and captivating landscapes of Mallacoota. Whether you’re a local, a visitor, or a virtual traveller, our drone videos promise to bring you closer to the untouched beauty of this Australian treasure.


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