October 23

A Radiant Morning Over Karbeethong Mallacoota 23 Oct 2020

Art, East Gippsland


Upon Karbeethong's gentle rise,
The sun awakens, paints the skies,
With hues of pink and golden glaze,
Nature's masterpiece, in a quiet blaze.

The Narrows whisper tales of old,
As waters gleam in shades of gold,
Top lake to ocean, vast and wide,
Morning's promise, in full stride.

In silent awe, we stand and gaze,
Lost in this ethereal morning haze,
For in this moment, all seems right,
Karbeethong's sunrise, pure delight.

There are moments in life that leave an indelible mark on our souls, and this morning's venture into the skies of Mallacoota was one such instance. With my trusty drone by my side, I embarked on a quest to document the mesmerising transformation of dawn into day, and the outcome was truly magical.

Drone Video: Capturing the Essence

The drone video beautifully showcases the tranquil dance between the earth, water, and sky. The gentle ripples on the water mirror the ethereal hues of the sky, creating an ever-changing tapestry of colour and light. As the sun makes its ascent, it casts a golden aura, bathing everything in its warm embrace.

VR360 Tour: Dive into the Expanse

For those craving an intimate connection with nature, the VR360 tour from 120 meters above offers a panoramic embrace of Mallacoota's sprawling beauty. This immersive experience not only lets you witness but also feel the expansive vistas that stretch out in every direction, creating a sensation that's both humbling and exhilarating.

The 180° Panoramas: Wide-Eyed Wonder

Among these panoramas, one stands out prominently — the view over Karbeethong Hill. With the Narrows on the right guiding your gaze into the top lake and the vast ocean stretching out on the far left, it's a visual journey that encapsulates the grandeur of nature. The rich tapestry of colours, from the soft pinks and oranges in the sky to the deep blues and greens of the water, paints a picture of serenity and majesty.

Being an Australian has given me countless opportunities to witness the unparalleled beauty of our landscapes. And with each aerial endeavour, I'm reminded of the incredible wonders that await just outside our doors.

To all my readers, I hope this visual feast sparks a sense of wanderlust and gratitude. May we always find moments of stillness in the beauty around us and cherish the natural wonders that enrich our lives.

Until next time, embrace the beauty, and let nature be your muse.


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