June 27

A Midwinters Journey Along the Genoa River Wangarabell



As the golden winter sun peeks through the thin veil of clouds, the natural beauty of Wangarabell, Victoria, beckons us to explore. This serene escape nestled along the Genoa River is where we embarked on a wondrous visual journey, capturing the essence of this idyllic region with drone videos and photographs.

The Journey Begins:Winding through the countryside, we find ourselves in an enchanting landscape where the Genoa River meanders gracefully through dense bushland, open pastures and pristine sandbanks. The drone takes flight around noon on this warm winter day in late June. The clear water sparkles as the river flows over pebbles and forms large, still pools that mirror the sky.

Sandbanks & Clear Water:As we follow the river, the drone captures the mesmerising textures of the sandbanks. The sparkling clear water flowing over the sand creates captivating patterns, revealing a mosaic of nature’s artwork.

Dense Bushland:The dense bushland that flanks the river is a tapestry of native trees and shrubs. Their leaves rustle gently in the breeze as if whispering the secrets of the forest. Through the drone's lens, the wilderness stretches as far as the eye can see.

Pastoral Bliss:Emerging from the bushland, we arrive at the pastoral landscapes. Dotted with dams and populated by a peaceful herd of black Angus cattle grazing, this bucolic setting evokes a sense of timelessness. The cleared paddocks are in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings.

Access & Exploration:A well-maintained dirt road follows the river’s course. Without the need for a 4WD, it’s an accessible treasure waiting to be explored.

Capturing Panoramas:The true crowning jewels of this adventure are the panoramic shots. Sweeping 180-degree panoramas encapsulate the grandeur of the Genoa River and its surroundings. Additionally, immersive 360-degree views allow us to virtually stand amid the beauty and tranquility of Wangarabell.

Conclusion:As the day draws to a close and the drone returns from its journey, we are left with an incredible collection of visual memories. Through drone technology, the Genoa River at Wangarabell has shared its beauty with us in a way that still images alone could not. This warm winter's day was not just a day of exploration but a celebration of the natural splendour of Australia's landscapes.


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